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The paintings of Marina Tesch display her abundant charm, her sincere joy for life and for the beauty of the world around her. Finding motives and the inspiration in the everyday world, Marina paints her picture visions with grace and her innermost thoughts and feelings. She is able to transfer the splendor which is often not easy to detect or overlooked by others.

“It is the duty of the artist to bring out the beauty of the simplest scene!”

-Marina Tesch


Marina Tesch is intrigued by the relationships between light and color. As a fine art painter she eternalizes on canvas her impressions and ideas and by skillfully placing the colors, she is able to capture the atmosphere, the light, the color and the illusion of depth extremely well. Marina’s paintings are full of color and life, having the sense of controlled spontaneity and lively imagination in her brushwork.

Learn some of Marina's most popular painting styles and techniques. 



Marina’s style and choices of subjects allow the viewer to relate to her world wide famous paintings of the Book Covers and Book Illustrations of the Maradonia Saga with more than two hundred single illustrations and paintings. Rather than providing the absolutely detailed form of a scene or illustration, her marvelous brushwork communicates always a special moment in time. Although her Portraits and Murals are highly detailed she leaves the scene still to be interpreted by the individual viewer.


In addition to painting the beauty of landscape, Marina enjoys traveling to new places to find inspiration and motives. Her journeys took her to several places, such as Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, Kiev in the Ukraine, Frankfurt/ Germany, Tallinn/ Estonia, Panama City and Cozumel/ Mexico.

She featured many exhibitions and showcases in the United States like:

Miami/Florida, Sarasota/ FL, St.Pete/ FL, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego in California and New York.


Marina was born in Moscow, Russia and started painting at the age of eight years. She continued her dream to be one day an artist and received her degree in the Moscow College of Arts. She worked for some time as art teacher and painted background murals for the well known ‘Moscow Theater’. 


Marina’s understanding is very clear:


“To truly create a masterful painting, one must paint what one knows and feels. To truly create fine works of art the approach must be a pure representation of the artist’s ideas or emotions.”

Finding beauty and inspiration virtually everywhere, Marina is able to communicate what moves her. Art simply reveals her love of life.


Marina says:

“Sharing joy is what it’s all about.”

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